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Here there are some useful educational resources in regards to the Citizenship Application: 

Naturalization Eligibility

Citizenship for Members of Military Service

This material is to help military members to become U.S. citizens.

Selective Service

On this site you could find the requirements for selective service , also information related to your registration and it allows to register with selective service online.

Criminal History Record with the FBI
This site provides information to any applicant who wishes to apply for a criminal record. An individual's criminal background check provides information about criminal records that occurred in the United States.

Criminal History Record with a State

This site provides telephone numbers, web pages, and information to help individuals obtain a criminal record directly with a US state.

Forms, Tariffs and Fares

USCIS Naturalization Application, (Form N-400)
This form is used to apply for naturalization.

 USCIS Application for Military or Naval Service Certification (Form N-426)
This form is used by applicants with military service, including the N-400 form.

USCIS Application for Appeal (Form N-336)
This application is used to appeal a decision on naturalization proceedings.

USCIS Checklist for Form N-400

This list includes information about documents that a naturalization applicant must include with your N-400 application.


English Exam Preparation and Citizenship Exam Questions

Directory of English and Citizenship Classes
This guide provides guidance on finding English classes (ESL) or citizenship / class classes for citizenship questions.

USCIS Study Materials for the English Exam
This resource provides tools to help individuals study for the English exam. These tools include lists of vocabulary, cards to facilitate study and videos.

USCIS Study Materials for the Civics Exam

This resource provides tools to help individuals study for citizenship exam questions. These tools include a list of questions about US history and government, facilitating study cards, videos, and audio tools.

USCIS Qualification Guide
This material gives you information about how the USCIS qualifies the English language test and the US History and Government exam during the naturalization interview.

Exception to English Requirement or Citizenship Questions

USICS Medical Certification for Disability Exemptions (Form N-648)
This form can be used by persons applying for naturalization and want to request an exemption from English and / or citizenship exam based on a physical or developmental disability Or mental retardation.

Information for New Citizens

How can I help a family member become a Permanent Resident ?
This booklet provides information to citizens of the United States about how they can help family members become permanent residents.

United States Citizen Rights and Responsibilities
This material gives you information about the rights and responsibilities of being a US citizen.

Apply for a US passport
This section on the Department of State website offers information about how to apply for your US passport once you become a US citizen.

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