Help for low-income families 


Do you need help finding affordable rental housing? Click here for more information 

Do you need help buying food? Click here to find information on the following topics:

  • Immediate help to get food
  • Food programs are less strict with their rules due to a coronavirus pandemic
  • Food Stamp Program (SNAP)
  • WIC Program for Women, Babies, and Children
  • Free school meal programs
  • Food programs for older adults


Are you looking for a job? Some of these pages can help you in your search

  • USA Gov: you will find information on how to look for a job with the government, guidance if you are creating your own business and other very interesting topics.
  • CareerSource South Florida:  Career seekers and employers can access our full suite of hiring and training services at any full-service center.


Do you want to learn English?     USA Learns is a free website that helps adults learn English and prepare for U.S. citizenship online. This popular website, visited by nearly 10,000,000 adults around the world, teaches English and U.S. citizenship by providing engaging multimedia content and educational activities. Learners have the opportunity to study independently or with the support of their teacher


Do you have problems with your credit or want to buy your own home? The Hispanic Center for Financial Excellence:  This non-profit organization offers free advice to the Hispanic community on these issues and many more. CIMA partners with this Center in conducting Workshops for First Time Home Buyers. The offices of the Hispanic Center are located in the El Doral area in Miami and offer private consultations from Monday to Friday. Book your appointment at 305.592.9298


Do you or someone you know have cancer and do not have health insurance? Mission Rema Foundation. A very difficult topic to deal with and painful. The Fundacion Mision Rema is dedicated to assisting Hispanics affected by cancer, as well as supporting their families.